CHM-2000 - Chemistry for Engineers

Calculus-based class designed for students who wish to have a highly technical understanding of chemistry for application and design. In CHM 2000 you will be provided with the essential application-based background to udnerstand materials, fluids, and gases working from atomic models up to the macroscopic level. THis course will develop and broaden your understanding of the matter, energy, and physical properties. Traditional general chemistry topics will be covered in a technically detailed fashion. Additional topics will include bonding, reactions, changes of states, equilibrium, thermodynamics, elctrochemistry, kinetics, and nuclear chemistry. Practical skills will be developed such that you will be able to predict and describe in appropriate technical detail the properties of achemical system along with modern materials such as polymers and semiconductors adn with modern devices such as fuel cells and batteries.
Academic Level
Undergraduate Level
Physical Sci and Engineering
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