EGR-1010 - Introductory Engineering

Introduces the student to the theory and practice of engineering. The course has four main parts. Each part will cover important aspects of engineering, giving the student a full picture of the career they are about to embark upon. The first part will help the student understand what an engineer is and what type of work they would be expected to perform in society. Included in this will be discussions of ethics and group dynamics. The second part will deal with higher level engineering concepts. This will be developed in an application area such as a research laboratory giving students exposure to professional practices common in all engineering disciplines. A number of professional papers will be reviewed leading to the creation of a hypothetical laboratory emphasizing the interaction common to all engineering disciplines. The third part will cover fundamental aspects of engineering including drawing, modeling, problem solving, design, and laboratory experimentation. Basic computer skills will be developed using MATLAB, Fortran, C, or similar high level computer languages. Finally, a team project will constitute the fourth part. The teams will be expected to develop a product using a number of engineering and software skills. Teamwork, along with comunication skills (oral, written, and graphical) are exercised throughout the course.
Academic Level
Undergraduate Level
Physical Sci and Engineering
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