EMT-2520 - Med Emergencies/Patient Assmnt

Emphasizes advanced pathological concepts and principles in caring for patients experiencing medical emergencies in the prehospital environment related to respiratory, cardiac, neurological, endocrinological, allergic, gastroenterological, urological and nephrological, hematological, obstetrical and gynecological, and psychiatric and behavioral issues. Lab focuses on advanced skill mastery in caring for these patients, including the continued development of critical thinking skills, and the development and implementation of treatment plans for patients with various disease states encountered in the prehospital environment. Continued attention is given to preparation for a role of EMS team leader, patient advocate, and for entry level practice as a paramedic professional in the prehospital environment. Prerequisite: EMT-I Certification and program admission. EMT 2530 concurrent. 2 class/2 lab hours.
Academic Level
Undergraduate Level
Emergency Medical Tech
Allied Health
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