Information Science Option of Computer Science

This program of study can be used by students transferring to the University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business as Information Systems majors. Mathematics, general education and elective courses must be chosen carefully to ensure application prerequisites are met. Students should meet with an advisor and should check the University of Maryland's Limited Enrollment Program website ( prior to applying to be sure all current requirements for transfer enrollment have been met.


Learning Foundations Overall Requirements
General Education - Speech
General Education-Humanities Group 2 AA/AS
General Education - Mathematics
  • Complete MAT-1350. A grade of "C" or better is needed to take the other math courses required in this program.
General Education - Social Sciences
General Education - Information Technology
General Electives - 3 Credits including PED
  • Complete 3 credit hours from any subject. No more than 2 credits may be earned in PED-1000 or PED-1030.
Information Science Option (A.S.)
18 Credits At the 2000 Level
  • You must take at least 18 credits of 2000-level courses in order to graduate in this program. Courses listed below count toward that requirement.



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