Student Leaders Advocate for College Funding Priorities(1)

Article by: Jennifer Colter

Fifteen Prince George’s Community College student leaders will travel to Annapolis on Thursday , February 13, 2014 to advocate for the important role community colleges play in higher education and their benefits to Maryland. Each year, hundreds of students from the state’s 16 community colleges participate in Student Advocacy Day, where they interact with one another and their state legislators. In this forum the group will encourage support for facility renovations, full funding of operational budgets and safety upgrades.  

“Each of Maryland’s 16 community colleges is committed to helping our students complete their education, and maintaining proper funding levels is an important part of reaching that goal,” said Charlene M. Dukes, president of Prince George’s Community College. “We will tell our elected officials that keeping higher education affordable and accessible is essential to developing a quality future workforce.” 

Support equals success. According to MACC, each year, nearly 500,000 residents attend one of Maryland’s 16 community colleges, in both credit programs and continuing education and workforce development courses. Half of all undergraduate students are now enrolled in the state’s community colleges, and the institutions have increased associate degree credentials by 33% and workforce credentials by 38% since 2010. 

For more information on Prince George’s Community College’s participation in Student Advocacy Day, please call (301) 546-0853.  






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