PGCC Travel and Health Advisory

Article by: Jennifer L. Colter

PGCC Health and Travel Advisory:
Tips for Staying Healthy this Season

Dear PGCC Community,

As we delve deeper into autumn and quickly approach the winter months, it’s important to arm ourselves with knowledge and information that can keep us safe and healthy this season. As many of us have seen in recent news, illnesses and symptoms related to infectious diseases like INFLUENZA, EBOLA and THE COMMON COLD are hot-button issues being covered by the global media.

Many of us travel domestically and abroad throughout the year, therefore it is critical that basic precautions be taken to ensure optimal health. In an effort to do all we can to keep our community healthy, Prince George’s Community College is proactively addressing these health concerns and conveying information that could ultimately save lives.

Take your health and that of your children and families very seriously and check out the FACT SHEETS provided for you from the PGCC Health Education Center. A lot of symptoms like headaches, fever, excessive coughing and body aches can describe a variety of illnesses—some less or more severe than others—but ALL are to be taken seriously.

If you or your family members are experiencing ANY KIND of symptoms, don’t hesitate to contact your physician or go/visit/seek medical attention at your nearest hospital. In fact, it is highly recommended that you stay home from work or school if you are experiencing any symptoms or simply feeling under the weather. Addressing your health FIRST can prevent others from falling ill.

Below are links to several websites that provide critical information, tips and contact information for anyone traveling internationally or living/working in highly populated areas. If you need to speak with someone immediately on the PGCC campus, please visit the Health Education Center on the Largo campus at Bladen Hall 132, or contact them at (301) 546-0845.

You Need to Know
Center for Disease Control (CDC) Health/Travel Advisory: 

Influenza Fact Sheet (MDHMH – Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene): 

Ebola Fact Sheet (MDHMH – Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene): 

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