PGCC Celebrates the Life of a Visionary

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Article by: Jennifer Colter

The world is missing a man that exemplified courage and honor; a man who lived and strived every day to realize his vision for equality--not for just his South African brothers and sisters, but for each and every individual residing on this planet.

Nelson Mandela is a champion, and will forever be remembered for his selfless will and desire to give a nation of people a voice and a presence. He mentally battled the 'powers that be' for more than three decades, and at the risk of losing his own family, stability and sanity...he put the needs of a people ahead of his own and literally wrote history.

Prince George's Community College remembers Nelson Mandela as he ascends from this life, and we're inspired by his will and determination to stand up against oppression and intolerance--two basic but powerful words that have negatively influenced many generations past. In the present day, institutions like PGCC choose to follow in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela and be champions of change--moving ALL people forward...thriving and blossoming because of our diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, beliefs and cultures.

We salute you, Nelson Mandela, and pledge to continue transforming lives in our community and the world through education and action.

PGCC encourages everyone to Envision Success!

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