On-Campus Health Fair Welcomes PGCPS Medical Students

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Prince George’s Community College  to Host Health Fair for Academies of Health and Biosciences of Prince George’s County Public Schools

We are pleased to announce an unprecedented Health Fair to be held on March 14, 2014 at the Center for Health Studies in Prince George’s Community College from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  The Division of Health Sciences, directed by Ms. Angela Anderson, will open their Allied Health and Nursing Skills Laboratory & Simulation Center to students from Bladensburg, Friendly and Dr. Henry Wise High Schools participating in the career Academy of Health and Biosciences.

Students will be guided through actual patient scenarios by the Allied Health and Nursing faculty in order to learn how to treat patients.  Scenarios are drawn from life and cover topics ranging from Shaken Baby Syndrome to Diabetes.  Patient simulators in the Allied Health and Nursing Skills Laboratory will give the high schools students the feel of working with actual patients.

Prince George’s Community College deans serve on the Advisory Board helping to guide curriculum development for their careers at the Academy of Health and Biosciences in Prince George’s County Public Schools. 

“This collaboration gives expert advice to the high school faculty and provides real-world learning experiences for students,” said Angela Anderson.  “Most importantly, events such as the Health Fair allow students to see themselves in the role of a nurse or other health care provider.  From this experience it is hoped students will be better motivated to stay focused in high school so that they can graduate and move on to advanced training as a nurse or other health care provider.”

Faculty in the Academy of Health and Biosciences and the Nurse Education Staff  at Prince George’s Community College are thrilled to be working together to give students an amazing day of learning.  Our goal is to strengthen our students’ motivation to succeed and encourage them to bring their skills back to Prince George’s County.

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