Administrative Staff List

  • College main number is 301-546-7422
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    Dr. Charlene M. Dukes President 301-546-0400
     Dr. Kim R. Bobby Chief of Staff 301-546-0170
      Dr. Clayton A. Railey Executive Vice President and Provost for Teaching, Learning and Student Success 301-546-0406
     Ms. Terri K. Bacote-Charles Vice President for Administrative and Financial Services 301-546-0409
     Dr. Rhonda Spells Fentry Vice President for Enterprise Technology 301-546-0987
     Ms. Cathryn L. Camp Interim Vice President for Student Affairs 301-546-0412
     Dr. Yvette J. Snowden   Associate Vice President of Workforce Development and Continuing Education 301-546-0417
     Dr. Mara Doss  Associate Vice President of Administrative Support 301-546-0767
     Dr. I. Lynne Adams Associate Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Development 301-546-0050
     Dr. Nassim Ebrahimi Associate Vice President for Strategic, Planning and Effectiveness 301-546-3063
     Vacant  Assistant Vice President of Budget, Perkins, Degree and Extension Centers 301-546-0414
    Ms. Aundrea D. Wheeler Assistant Vice President of Curriculum, Programs, and Regulation 301-546-0620
    Vacant Assistant Vice President of Grants, Outreach and Communications 301-546-7519
    Ms. Barbara Denman Dean of Adult and Community Education 301-546-0712
     Ms. Angela D. Anderson Dean of Health, Business and Public Service 301-546-0699
      Ms. Nicole A. Currier Dean of Humanities, English, and Social Sciences 301-546-0560
     Dr. Christine E. Barrow Dean of Sciences, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics 301-546-0419
    Ms. Carol E. McKinnon Dean of Student Enrollment Services 301-546-0892
     Dr. Scheherazade W. Forman Dean of Student Success and Engagement 301-546-0884
    Vacant Dean of Workforce Development Institutes 301-546-0868
     Ms. Laura R. Ellsworth Associate Dean of Health, Business, and Public Service 301-546-0553
     Ms. Mirian L. Torain Associate Dean of Humanities, English, and Social Sciences 301-546-5259
     Mr. Calvin E. Stansbury Associate Dean of Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics 301-546-0736
     Mr. Dwight Washington Controller 301-546-0409
     Dr. Beverly Reed Executive Director of Adjunct Faculty Development 301-546-0495
    Mr. William L. Anderson Executive Director of ERP Applications and Solutions 301-546-0622
    Dr. David C. Mosby   Executive Director of Facilities Planning and Management 301-546-0655
     Ms. Sabrina Wells  Executive Director of Financial Affairs 301-546-7011
     Ms. Brenda S. Mitchell Executive Director of Institutional Advancement 301-546-0858
    Dr. Laura Ariovich Executive Director of Research, Assessment, and Effectiveness 301-546-0723
     Dr. Susan C. Biro Executive Director of Teaching and Learning Technologies  301-546-0410
     Dr. Juanita D. Womack Registrar 301-546-0546
     Ms. Angie Crews Senior Director of Communications and Marketing 301-546-0916
     Vacant Senior Director of Project Management and Strategy 301-546-0116
     Ms. Toni Hill Director of Administrative and Financial Systems Support 301-546-0688
    Ms. Jacqueline Walpole Director of Adult Education  301-546-0891 
    Ms. Elizabeth A. Clune-Kneuer Director of Analytics and Reporting 301-546-0721
     Ms. LaNiece R. Tyree Director of Auxiliary Services and Event Management 301-546-0853
     Ms. June L. Evans Director of Center for Entrepreneurial Development and Training 301-546-0964
     Ms. Cecelia A. Knox Director of College and Career Transition 301-546-1580
    Vacant Director of eLearning Services 301-546-5253
     Mr. Antony G. Jackson Director of ERP Application Services 301-546-0055
    Ms. Doris M. Harris Director of ERP Solution Services 301-546-0129
    Ms. Meloyde R. Batten-Mickens Director of Facilities Operations (Trades) 301-546-0656
     Mr. Henry L. Dickson Director of Facilities Planning, Design and Construction 301-546-3057
    Vacant Director of Grants and Resource Development 301-546-5212
    Ms. Andristine M. Robinson       Director of Governance and Diversity 301-546-5229
    Vacant Director of Governmental Affairs and Compliance 301-546-0918
     Mr. E. Keith Murvin Director of Human Resources, Compensation, Classification, Benefits and Policy 301-546-0606
     Vacant  Director of Institutional Assessment 301-546-0723
     Vacant  Director of IT Security Services 301-546-5255
    Ms. Priscilla C. Thompson Director of Library and Learning Resources  301-546-0466
     Mr. Charles O'Brien Director of National CyberWatch/Principal Investigator (Grant) 301-546-0760

     Mr. Manuel A. Arrington

    Director of Network Infrastructure and Administration 


    Dr. Audrey C. Davis Interim Director of Professional and Organizational Development
    Ms. Beth V. Kirk Director of Procurement 301-546-0007
    Vacant Director of Recruitment and Admissions 301-546-0864
     Ms. Crystal M. Smith Director of Student Academic and Career Readiness 301-546-0180
    Mr. Johnnie Owens Interim Director of Student Affairs 301-546-0892
    Ms. Thelma L. Ross Director of Student Financial Aid 301-546-0766
     Mr. Roosevelt Charles Director of Student Support and TRIO Programs  301-546-0109
    Mr. William N. Gardner Director of Testing Center 301-546-0652
     Vacant Director of Technology Client Support Services 301-546-0995
    Director of Workforce Development Programs and Strategic Initiatives
    Mr. Anthony J. Marra  Program Director of Construction, Energy and Transportation 443-518-4180
    Mr. Thomas O. Mays Program Director of Disability Support Services 301-546-7594
     Ms. Paulett McIntosh Program Director of Student Engagement and Leadership 301-546-0854



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